Monday, February 23, 2009

Recent Pics

Yeah, yeah!! I know my titles are not very creative. Oh well, you can deal. These are just some random pics, mostly of Jamison since Julie has banned me from posting her pics.

In November we went to LA and got to tour the Jim Henson Studios. Thanks Jenna. While there Brian Henson's assistant took us around the lot. She took us to his office where we got to hold the Emmy for Farscape, I think it was. We also got to see the recording studio where such great bands as Metallica have recorded, and we visited the different areas and got to see some muppets and even try one out. Pretty cool...

So as you can see in the one Jamison likes Twinkies. I think its cause of the sugar rush... No the Twinkie is not visible with the exception of that which he didn't get in his mouth. It was funny to see him grub on it. I hope he remembers the taste cause it will be the last one for a while.

So, Rhonda bought Jamison a Moose at the Build a Bear place. He appropriately named it Moo. Well Moo is like a baby for Jamison and here you see him changing his diaper. Maybe he's ready for a baby brother??? And no I am not implying we are pregnant, just making a statement.

I don't really know how this got started, but I got this tunnel thing of his over my head and he decided to climb in. It is a great game for him I guess as he likes to rock back and forth while we are in there. He also is in a close proximity to my face and mouth which he likes to poke, pull and probe with his little hands.

This is Valentines Day breakfast, not the little heart shaped pancakes Julie made. We had bigger ones for us. It was really cute and he is getting into the holidays and noticing them more. I love my boys... I am proud of both of them and love the time I am able to spend with them.

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