Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ok, New Year's resolution - actually blog at least once a week.  Today is only two days into 2013.  Had a good time yesterday sledding with the family, until my car got stuck.  Need better tires.  It was nice spending time with the family all day and not worrying about work.  I was also able to get 90 minutes of Zumba in.

Today was back to the grind.  I was able to make progress with stuff at work.  It is amazing at how people think they know how to make things work better than you except they don't know the changes involved in what they want to do.  Oh well, overall a good day.  Pizza and salad for dinner, watched the pilot for the original Star Trek which I don't think I have ever seen.  Played some games with the family.  Only one week and Zach will be here, looking forward to that.

I will post some pics from the holidays when I get them downloaded and/or find them on our computer.

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